Choosing The Correct Color

So you’re tired of looking at that color on your bedroom wall, or maybe the exterior paint on your house is beginning to fade, and you want to see a new color scheme enhancing your curb appeal.

The first thing you want to think about when choosing a color is the mood you would like the color to create. Some colors give more of a sense of relaxation and call mean, while other colors have more pizzazz and create a stronger energy and wow factor.

You want to take in consideration the other items or objects found in the room or around the exterior of your home, for instants what color is your dresser your bed your comforter your couch, is the exterior of your home surrounded by lots of green shrubbery bushes flowers etc.

For the exterior of the home you usually want to choose three colors in the same family, this means they all have the same base color and hue. The main color will be the body of the exterior of the home, the second color will be the trim color around windows and around the roofline on the facia board, and the third color will be the final accent color for your front and back door this color is usually only used in a small amount.

It’s always important to remember that the surrounding objects will reflect a small amount of color onto your paint, for instants if you paint your house white but the house is surrounded by lots of green shrubs close to the house certain times of the day you will see a green hue on the white part of the house, this is simply a reflection. If you are nervous to make the decision on your own you can hire a professional painter. My company is located in Austin, so if you are looking for a painter in Austin tx, then please give us a call.

For interior rooms you want to make sure the color you choose goes well with the interior furnishings of the home and creates the mood you desire, often times you will trim the room out baseboards and doors with a second color often times lighter than the wall color. Sometimes people choose to go with a darker trim color which is also a unique look. You can always purchase very small samples for around five dollars a piece of colors from your home improvement store this allows you to put a small amount on the wall in the actual room you were painting so that you can see how the color really looks once it’s on the wall that way you don’t waste time painting the entire room and wasting money on a color that does not look correct in that room with its particular lighting etc.

Good luck on your color selection and have fun with it. For more information on the process of Exterior painting, you can check out the article here.

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